Hi, I’m Dave and I’m a teacher.

I wasn’t always a teacher, not professionally anyway. Most of us teach stuff to others during our lives, it’s part of humanity and why we as a race evolved like we did.

But before I was a professional teacher I was a graphic designer, copywriter, photographer and even a police officer for 4 years. Some of these at the same time. And all these I loved at some point or still do.

What I never became though was a university graduate. Not that I wasn’t smart, in fact my IQ depending on the test I took varied between 141 and 148. That’s considered very high, enough to become a member of Mensa in fact. I did start uni, but I never finished it. I liked to party a lot, and lacked motivation. And for a long time, I thought that was the main reason I never finished.

But it wasn’t. Not really. Yes, uni wasn’t my first choice, photography would have been. But when I picked Journalism it should have been more then interesting enough. After all, I was editor in chief of my high school paper and later in life produced my own local magazine for a few years.

The main problem was that I never learned to study. I cruised through high school without much effort because I did not have to study, I could pretty much cope on smarts alone. In university that wasn’t enough (it almost was btw, I still passed most courses) and I just did not use any study techniques.

A few years ago I started on getting a teacher’s degree, and one of the first courses mentioned the difficulties very smart kids could have while studying, and focused on learning styles and techniques. And most of all, how different learning styles work better for different people. Recognizing what went wrong with me back in  the days, I became very interested in the topic.

The first few years as a teacher were a bit hectic. Ask any beginning teacher, even an older one like me, and they will tell you the same. But now I’ve settled a bit and started to really explore all the material about learning and study techniques. And I’ve made the decision to not only apply them to studying, but to life itself. Not only that, I’ve noticed life gives you a lot of hints on how to learn more and better.

Since one of my learning techniques that works for me is to write down my thoughts, I decided to put them in a blog from now on. I will try to look at a lot of material and share my thoughts about it. I will also put some material on this site up. No membership or anything. I might put on some affiliate links in the future (after all a hosting does cost money) but never for material I didn’t like.

I hope you’ll find my journey entertaining and invite you to make it with me.


PS: feel free to drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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