When a 16 years old writes a book about studying techniques that becomes a bestseller, people tend do notice. And when it’s about one of my favourite subjects, I become interested. But as I was running him through google, he released this one. And I decided to pick up this instead.

Now in his early twenties, Rob finished up his high school getting straight A’s and became an undergraduate in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. He’s currently working on getting his master and PHD in criminology … another subject I like as an ex-cop.

This book almost reads as a novel. It’s written with a nice flow to it that still shows the author’s young age. But that’s ok, because he really knows how to connect to his audience. For instance, he frequently refers to the internet and social media, and how they can both help and get in the way of your efforts.

He also manages to find the balance between book knowledge from his chosen field of study and practical tips he tried out himself. This is someone who really puts a lot of thought and passion into the subject and I’ll probably use some of his material as inspiration for blog posts to come.

I knew quite a few of this stuff from other sources, but the practicality in which he presents it makes it very easy to remember and use. So much that I recommend it to students and teachers alike. Even parents of younger teens should probably take note.

I specially like how he also is a fan of relating study material to events and situations of the student’s own life and how powerful a tool that can be. I made a recent blogpost about that myself and I can’t stress enough how well that works.

He is also very much on board with modern technology and how to use it to your benefit. A big fan of doodle and mind maps for sure. And he explains the benefits of them in a simple yet effective way. He even mentions a pillow with speakers in them which can be used to gently play audio books or material to you while you sleep. That’s supposed to help. (In fact there are plenty of studies that suggest it does help … providing you are the kind of sleeper that does not wake up from it)

So this is very much a book I am a fan of, and I can’t wait for his first work about criminology…

In the mean time, get this one at AmazonAmazon UK or your local store if they can order it.

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