Sometimes you need to find a new balance in your life.

When I decided I needed a break from this blog, I imagined it would be 3 to 4 weeks. Perhaps 2 months. Turned out I needed more then double of the latter.

Truth be told, I’ve been thinking about starting again for the last month now, but once something is out of your regular routine it’s not always easy to get it back in. And even though I love writing, the only posts I was making were in Dutch (my other native language) and related to beer and whisky on my tastenotes blog.

Classic magazine, and how I missed it.

I used to write a lot more. In fact, I even had my own local magazine (again, in Dutch) for a couple of years. It was fairly successful and fun to make. I ended up selling it but even after that I kept writing stuff for it for almost a year.

This blog I started in part because I missed writing. But after a while life crept in and I didn’t have that much time. But what was worse: it started to feel a bit like work. And it was not that I’m getting paid for this. (Most people won’t click on the banner, shame on you!)

When I wrote the magazine, a lot of the material was serious, most of the time even dull. Since it was a commercial product I had to write a lot of commercial copy. But the magazine also had plenty of whacky stuff: there was room for parody, silliness and also a column where I donned the ‘grumpy old git’ persona and was able to vent quite a bit. The silly and grumpy stuff balanced out the serious stuff.

Time to get silly and grumpy.

And that is what I’ve been missing. This blog, while providing a lot of challenges, is always going to be serious. And I need to be wacky and grumpy from time to time as well. To balance things out. Being able to write one way helps me to write the other ways. So I’ve decided the silly and grumpy sides of me need a comeback.

Of course, I can’t find any room for that within this blog. There might be a bit of room in my whisky project, but probably not that much either.

That leaves (yet) a new blog project. I’m still thinking a bit about the exact how and when, but it will be coming for sure. And I’ll keep you posted. And I won’t wait too long with it either, else I still won’t get that balance I’m craving at the moment.

In the mean time, I’m trying to get things on the road again for ultimate learning. And I can always use some ideas and topics for this site. So feel free to react to this post, or pm me with ideas or questions.

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