I’m reading less and less paper today. I still love the feeling of a book, but I’m also a fan of tablets and e-readers. Especially when it comes to textbooks and course material, I’m more partial to go for the digital versions these days. It helps when I can copy-paste quotations for my own material.

Also, most e-books come with bonus downloadables. Specially the educational ones.

With that in mind I think it’s time to review my first e-book. And of course it should be about learning techniques.

Get the best grades!

It’s called “Get the best grades with the least amount of effort” and is written by Dr. Marc Dussault.

The first two things that I noticed where the fact that it’s a lot of material and that it’s a relative easy read. A good thing, because the last thing you want reading a large volume is academic language that is difficult to get past.

He takes a while to get to the actual techniques though, and depending on what you expect from a book that could be a good or bad thing.

Once I got there, I must say I did not read that much that was new to me. But of course I’ve been reading a lot about the subject, and am writing about it as well now.

But he does present a lot of very good material, and in a logical structural way to boot. That makes it easy to stay motivated and also easy to track back any material you want to consult again later on.

A constant seems to be how he sets goals: he keeps them realistic and not too distant. I’m a big fan of that method as well to keep yourself motivated.

He also offers clear strategy hooks like the Pareto principle (I need to write something about this in a future blog post) and seems keen on the distinction between what is urgent and what is really important. And he does present a wide array of practical tips and tricks.

The only thing I’m really missing is a clear link with study styles of the individual student. Still it’s sort of present, and easy enough to link to his material.

All in all it’s one of the most complete guide of tips and tricks I’ve come across, and a very useful read for students of all ages. And even teachers could pick up some tricks to help their students.

Now keep in mind the title says ‘least amount’. It does not say you don’t need to work, only that it presents techniques to make you work more efficient, so that less actual study time is needed.

You can get the book here.


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